* One Toke Over the Line

Mulhern & Co. fire up that bad boy…

After their disappointing efforts to get Congress to redefine the word “milk” to gain market advantage over plant-based food competitors, at least one member of the National Milk Producers Federation has decided to rebrand their product (dairy milk) to mimic that of the plant foods folks.

Presenting  (“Tah, tah la tah tah tah, da!”):

Grass Milk


Seriously? The new NMPF strategy appears to be an attempt to try to confuse consumers that their milk is made from grass. Yeah, like a nursing mother’s milk was made from the pepperoni pizza she had for dinner the night before. Talk about misleading labeling.  Sheesh.

But maybe we should give the NMPF more credit. Maybe this is nothing more than a clever ruse to appropriate the word “grass” like they tried to abscond with the word “milk.” Of course there are some inherent problems with that strategy. For instance, the word “grass” in Colorado might mean something entirely different than it does in, say, Alabama. What’s next? CBD infused yogurt or cheese?

Or maybe it’s just an attempt to sell more dairy milk to go with the chocolate chip munchies that inevitably accompany the Colorado version of “grass.”

Why do we get the feeling this strategy was hatched in the offices of NMPF leader “Ganja Jim” Mulhern? UdderStupidity has been able to get an exclusive photo from that planning session with NMPF’s outside marketing consultants:

cheech and chong

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