* What’s labeled in Japan STAYS in Japan…

Mulhern and NMPF to U.S. Consumers:


くそくらえ”  *

(* Literal translation: “screw you.”)

In a bald-faced hypocrisy that could stun a cow, the Big Dairy producers and their inscrutable chief lobbyist, Jim Mulhern-san, has made demands that, under the proposed US-Japan free trade agreement, the Japanese government do the EXACT opposite of what the NMPF is demanding the FDA do here.

Specifically, the NMPF is calling for protection in Japan for “prior users” of common names – “defined as those that made use of a term” before this year. Of course Mulhern-san & Co. blithely ignore NMPF’s ill-defined “lacteal secretion of a bovine” campaign here at home aimed at upending the use of common food names like soy milk and almond milk, and rice milk which have been used for decades!

The NMPF says it’s concerned that consumers are confused by label names like 大豆 ミル because clearly it is not from the 分泌物 from a ウシ.

NMPF is slicing and dicing label names faster than Bennihana.

Old Japanese proverb say: “Mulhern-san have more faces than two-headed calf.”

In a related development, a replacement has been named for NMPF spokesperson Larry Bjerga:


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