* Score one for the F.D.A.

cow pie 1         cherry pie 1


We thought you could….And the FDA agrees.

In the early days of UdderStupidity we did a tongue-in-cheek spoof on Big Dairy’s attempts to define “milk” to gain market advantage over their competitors. If the dairy industry could define the word “milk,” we reasoned, then why couldn’t the baking industry define the word “pie” to avoid “consumer confusion” (i.e., “cow pie”)?

We thought we were joking until recently — when we found our sophomoric attempts at sarcastic humor were actually true. It seems there really is a standards-of-identity definition of the word pie – albeit it limited to frozen cherry pies.

Somehow the iron triangle of lobbyists and meddling members of Congress got together and coughed up a swamp-sized hair-ball regulation that sought to “help the consumer” tell the difference between a frozen cherry pie and, say,  a hot steaming cow pie. Turns out consumers didn’t need the help and recently the FDA, complying with the President’s Executive Order 13771 to deregulate stupid regulations, proposed to “remove the standard of identity requirements… for the manufacture of frozen cherry pies.”

Kudos to the FDA.

To drown his disappointment, we understand Jim Mulhern of the NMPF consoled his staff by serving them cow pies – with ice cream, of course.

Wonder what they will eat if the FDA rejects their idiotic attempts to define “milk”? One shudders to think…


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