“You put de lime in de coconut and….Lactate?”

coconut 1

Nuts don’t lactate.

Mulhern doesn’t lactate.

Therefore, Mulhern is a nut.

News of the Weird:

Hoard’s Dairyman reports that the National Milk Producers Federation is using the anniversary of former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s comments that “almonds don’t lactate” to call for the commission to discuss standards of identity related to milk. The NMPF’s Jim Mulhern claimed this showed “continued inaction” related to the dairy standards of identity and said the NMPF will continue to pester the FDA to get it to enforce these standards.

So this is the sort of thing the NMPF pays big bucks to their staff lobbyists and consultants to come up with? Is it just us, or does celebrating recent events with “anniversaries” reminds us of the creepy, clingy blind date in college you take out on one date, only to have him/her call you wanting to celebrate the “one week anniversary” of you first date?

Yeah, weird.

Since you are so into “anniversaries,” Jimbo, why not celebrate the “Two-year Anniversary of Having Your Ass Handed To You” when Congress failed to enact your stupid Dairy Pride Act?

Or how about the one-year anniversary of going down in flames in North Carolina by trying to sneak in your milk-labeling regulations that you failed to accomplish in Congress? You may think moving your “standards-of-identity” efforts to the states is a good strategy. We tend to see it as desperation.

We could go on and on, but you get the point.

Note to Mulhern: Just like almonds, coconuts don’t “lactate” either. Waiting to see you call for “coconut milk” to be banned from the store shelves and excised from old cookbooks.

If you think that is a winning strategy, you’re nuts.

almond lactating

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